Volvo Car Hatchbacks, Saloons, Estates and SUVs

Q. Where will my new Volvo Car come from?

A. All Volvo Cars are supplied directly from one of the UK’s main Volvo Car dealers. We do not arrange leases for imported Volvo Cars.

Q. How many keys do I get with my Volvo Car?

A. All Volvo Cars come with a full set of keys, usually this is two.

Volvo Car Leasing

Q. What type of Volvo Car lease contracts are offered by Volvo Cars on Lease?
A. We specialise in both Business and Personal Contract Hire lease agreements.

Q. How long are Volvo Car lease agreements?
A. We aim to provide as much flexibility as possible with our leasing contracts and can arrange leases for as little as 12 months and up to 48 months.

Q. How big is the down payment needed for a Volvo Car Contract Hire agreement?
A. Initial down payments range from as little as the same as 1 monthly rental payment, up to the equivalent of 12 months of regular monthly payments.

Q. How are payments for my Volvo Car Contract Hire agreement collected?
A. All monthly payments for our Contract Hire agreements are collected by Direct Debit.

Q. Can the annual mileage allowance be reduced or increased throughout the contracted period?
A. It is important to contact us if you wish to increase your Volvo Car’s mileage allowance. Increases to your mileage allowance will also raise your monthly lease payments.

Delivery of your new Volvo Car

Q. How much does delivery of my Volvo Car cost?
A. There is no charge for delivering your Volvo Car. All deliveries throughout the UK mainland are FREE. Deliveries can be arranged for home or work addresses.

Q. How will my new Volvo Car be delivered to me?
A. Our Volvo Cars are by delivered by an approved Volvo Car driver. Volvo Cars may be delivered by transporter by prior arrangement; this option will attract an additional fee. If you wish to have your Volvo Car delivered by transporter, please ask our sales advisor what the charge for this will be.

Maintaining My New Volvo Car

Q. Do I have to arrange my own insurance for my new Volvo Car?
A. Yes. It is a legal requirement for you to arrange insurance for your leased Volvo Car; this must begin from the date the vehicle is delivered to your chosen address. Fully comprehensive insurance policies must be in place for the entire life of your lease agreement. Insurers must be made aware that the vehicle is not registered to you but rather the finance company that have facilitated the agreement.

Q. Will my new Volvo Car be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty?
A. All Volvo Cars leased by Volvo Cars on Lease are covered by the full UK manufacturer’s warranty.

Q. Will I have to arrange for servicing and maintenance of my leased Volvo Car?
A. No-maintenance lease contracts for Volvo Cars mean you will be liable for all servicing requirements. Services must be carried out to the specifications of Volvo Cars that are outlined in the vehicle’s handbook. Leasing contracts which include maintenance cover all servicing costs. These agreements attract higher monthly fees and initial down payments.

Q. What do I do if my Volvo Car breaks down?
A. All new Volvo Cars leased by Volvo Cars on Lease are supplied with roadside assistance cover.

Ending my Lease

Q. Will you collect my Volvo Car at the end of the lease period?
A. Yes, at the end of the lease period your leased Volvo Car will be collected by an approved driver from the address you specify.

Q. Is there any guidance available on the condition my Volvo Car should be in at the end of the lease period?
A. All Volvo Cars should be in a condition that is suitable for their age and the mileage covered by the end of the lease period. The BVRLA, an independent body, have Fair Wear and Tear standards that give advice on the acceptable condition for end of lease vehicles.

Q. What happens if I want to end my Volvo Car Contract Hire agreement early?
A. Ending the Contract Hire agreement before the agreed termination date will require a settlement payment to be negotiated with the finance provider. Typically this is around half of the remaining payments owed, but can vary depending on the finance provider and individual circumstances.


Q. Who do I notify if I have an accident?
A. If you are involved in an accident, your insurance company will need to be notified. They will negotiate directly with the leasing company on your behalf. Insurers should be contacted for advice on their specific processes as procedures can vary between insurers.